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You’re invited to the first Regional Convening on Racial Equity

The first of several Regional Convenings on Racial Equity will meet August 5 and 6 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

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Meeting the changing housing needs of seniors

Despite what economists claim, the Americans know that the housing crisis is far from over. A recent survey delved into public opinions regrading affordable housing and homeownership– and the challenges older adults face when searching for quality housing. 

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Listen up: 5 social justice podcasts

Podcasting is the new broadcasting. Today, we share 5 favorites that deliver fresh content about social justice and environmentalism.

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The Older Americans Act and service enrichment for seniors

The Older Americans Act is one of the most successful pieces of legislation in American history– and it’s long overdue for reauthorization. Find out how it serves older adults and facilitates Praxia Partners’ service-enriched senior housing.

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Protecting homeowners with eminent domain

Last year, we shared Richmond, California’s innovative approach to quelling its foreclosure crisis: using eminent domain to protect homeowners from banks. The concept has since been backed by UC Berkeley’s Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society and attracted the interest … Continue reading

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Keeping the American dream within reach

The wealth gap is becoming a wealth chasm. How do homeownership opportunities contribute to economic equity? Plus, we share updates on banks’ settlements. 

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Declaring energy independence

As we celebrate the 4th of July, we also celebrate the progress the US has made toward energy independence. 

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