Detroit: Beyond Bankruptcy

Last week, we shared Praxia Partners’ Joe Recchie’s innovative plan for Detroit’s water and sewer system: transfer ownership to an entity that benefits the city.Check out pictures, notes, and background info from the ground-breaking “Detroit Bankruptcy & Beyond: Organizing for change in distressed cities” conference.

In addition to Joe Recchie’s plan, you can find:

The People’s Plan for Restructuring is a set of alternatives “rooted in the certainty of our [Detroit residents’] capacity to envision and create a city culture in which human rights are protected and citizens enjoy a higher quality of life.” The alternatives are organized on the following themes: Financial Security; Community Life; Restoration of Democracy and Self-Government in Detroit; Development and Welfare of Our Youth. The plan also provides analysis of Detroit’s current fiscal crisis.

Check back here for more about Detroit’s revitalization.

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