Informal Cities and The Rockefeller Foundation

See a problem, find a solution; these are the sort of stories we love to hear about at Praxia and share with our community!

This short documentary, sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation, looks at a micro lending and educational program in Accra, Ghana helping head porters build better lives for themselves and their children. Keep reading after the video to learn more about informal cities, and the Rockefeller Foundation’s work to serve the foundation of the global economic pyramid.

An informal city is often a city within a city that is interwoven with and integral to its surrounding formal city. At the same time, however, the informal city is separated by exclusionary policies, lack of services and investments and more often than not lack access to adequate infrastructure. Groups all around the world are working to help fill these gaps in support and break down barriers that are trapping families in a cycle of poverty.

This video is part of a larger series of documentaries illustrating the challenges, hard work and successes of these informal communities. They are being produced through the Rockefeller Foundation’s year-long Informal Cities Dialogue. To learn more about informal cities and see the other documentaries that are part of the project, visit Rockefeller Foundation’s Informal Cities Dialogue.

have you seen an innovative effort to provide support to marginalized communities? Feel free to share!

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