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Affordable, service-enriched housing

Framingham Village

Learn about Central Ohio’s Framingham Village and its innovative model boost African American home ownership. Framingham Village offers an alternative to predatory lending an sub-par housing by combining service-enriched affordable rental units and affordable and market rate homes. The community utilizes an innovative lease/ownership option plan not previously used under the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program. Read more…

Sharon Glyn's service-enriched, affordable community for seniorsOften, seniors with modest incomes have to choose between three insufficient options: struggle with assisted living bills, navigate supportive services on their own, or rely on a loved one for caregiving. Is there a different option? This blog post covers inspiring examples of the service-enriched models at Sharon Glyn Senior Apartments and Corban-Commons Apartments. Read more…

Congregate meals are one service enrichment at Sharon Glyn Senior ApartmentsFor low-income families, finding affordable housing is one of the most powerful ways to improve quality of life. Praxia Partners’ Joe Recchie has worked for decades enhancing affordable housing, so families are connected not simply to affordable housing, but service enrichment as well. Recchie has established service-enriched housing for seniors, low-income families, and immigrant and refugee households. Read more…

Environmental stewardship 

  • Community-owned solar power comes to Central Ohio

Community Renewable EnergyCommunity Renewable Energy has partnered with the Solar Farm Co-op of Granville, Ohio to help them discover their solar power options. Read about the roots of the Co-op in Bright future for Granville’s Solar Farm Co-op, and learn about the community-owned model and why it might be the future of solar power in Exploring community solar in Granville, Ohio.

Neighborhood revitalization

Joe Recchie's Sustainable Community Investment Fund's work in EastmoorThe Sustainable Community Investment Fund raises home values in the wake of the foreclosure crisis. Joe Recchie shares what the Fund is working on in Eastmoor, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. “Having grown up in the neighborhood, I have an intimate familiarity with livability of this neighborhood and its inherent value,” Recchie said. “My task is to bring these older homes up to modern standards and in particular to meticulously support the value being created so it helps my neighbors. Neighborhoods improve one home at a time and if I can help my neighbors’ values, everybody does better.” Read more…

Nonprofit innovation

Hawkin Corner ribbon cutting, june 11, 2013Praxia Partners’ founder Joe Recchie supports nonprofit ingenuity. In his capacity as an attorney, he helped Mansfield’s Area Agency on Aging and five other nonprofits move into a shared-space complex in order to better serve their community. This longer profile discusses the advantages of multi-tenant nonprofit centers and follows Duana Patton and the other nonprofit leaders as they take their idea and make it a reality. Read more…

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Holly Jensen is a writer and poet who has worked with nonprofits and businesses for over a decade. She also serves as editor of The Ghazal Page, an international literary journal.
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