Lighting the World with Solar

If you follow our work, or our blog, I’m sure you’ve noticed that we at Praxia Partners have thrown our full support into the idea of renewable energy- solar in particular- being a key to many solutions for community issues. Solar’s ability to vary in size,  to be decentralized or centralized, to conserve resources, and to produce all over the world, allow it to be applied in all sorts of development endeavors and for a multitude of purposes. Whether it’s a community owned solar farm uniting neighbors in an investment opportunity, or a small solar system electrifying a rural vaccination refrigerator, solar has a place in sustainable community growth.

Today there are some 1.2 billion people in the world searching for a solution like solar.   Yesterday, in The Economist, Michael Elliot, President and Chief Executive of the ONE organization, wrote about these folks, specifically the 600 million people living in sub-Saharan Africa without electricity, in a piece titled

Lighting up Africa.“Elliot says,

“The lack of access to reliable supplies of electricity means that children cannot do homework, food spoils, women give birth by candlelight and cooking is done on basic stoves using wood or dung as a fuel—fuel that families can spend hours collecting from forests or fields, and which, burned indoors, is a source of pollution that kills millions. Without reliable power, businesses and economies cannot develop; factories cannot meet orders; vital connections to markets cannot be maintained.”

The need is real. Access to electricity can be a catalyst for real progress and sustainable growth for communities worldwide. Read Elliot’s whole passionate appeal here, and join us as we support renewable energy projects that can and will address these needs. Solar might not be the answer to every problem, but it is certainly an answer to many!

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Laura Recchie is the Director of Strategy and Project Development for Praxia Partners
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