Redlining is still a reality

“From 2009 to 2013, if you lived in a majority-black or Hispanic neighborhood and you wanted to apply for a mortgage, Hudson City Savings Bank was not the place to go,” stated U.S. attorney Paul Fishman.

On September 23, the Department of Justice and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau fined the bank (worth $35 billion) $33 million for redlining practices.  Continue reading

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Kenyon College and CRE partner on solar Farm installation

Recently, Ohio’s Kenyon College and Praxia Partner’s Community Renewable Energy launched an exciting pilot project for installing solar power at the Kenyon Farm.

Students from the college are working on the project, future students will benefit from the hands-on learning experience the installation offers, and a current Kenyon student, Zach Sawecki, is a part of the Community Renewable Energy team.

Sawecki and Joe Recchie, our CEO and founder, have also recently proposed an opportunity for the village of Gambier to save money and go green by creating its own solar installation. Our proposal points to 3.7 acres in and around the area’s water treatment facility as a possible location for the panels, as the facility is one of the village’s largest consumers of energy.

Through our expertise in innovative financing, the solar installation wouldn’t cost the community or community members any extra in rates or development.

We at Praxia Partners are passionate about helping communities and institutions improve sustainability– while reducing costs– and about removing financial barriers to enjoying the many benefits of clean, reliable solar energy. We’re proud that a member of our family– Community Renewable Energy– has been instrumental in empowering local communities to embrace solar!

Learn more about our work— and stay tuned for updates on these and other exciting projects!

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VIDEO: Senior poverty today

In light of the Census Bureau’s recent report on the state of poverty in America– and the fact that older women experience poverty at nearly twice the rates of older men– we want to share a video about the realities of being a low-income senior. (Learn more about how Praxia Partners supports economic equity and service-enriched, affordable senior housing.)

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6 takeaways from the Census’ report on poverty

The latest report from the US Census Bureau investigates trends in poverty across the US. Continue reading

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How will low-income families benefit from shared solar energy assistance?

A Minnesota nonprofit believes that low-income households deserve access to clean, reliable renewable power. Continue reading

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Building healthy senior communities

America’s Health Rankings are out, and special attention is paid to senior health and wellness. How can we help our older community members remain healthy and vital? Praxia Partners’ initiative, Community Building Partners, has worked for decades to build communities for older adults that support their health and well-being. Find out how… Continue reading

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Communities boost nonprofit energy sustainability

More nonprofits are benefiting from solar power than ever before. Today, we look at one approach to increasing access to clean, reliable energy for nonprofits of all stripes. Continue reading

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Watch this: Highlights from “Othering & Belonging”

This spring, experts from across the nation gathered in Oakland for Othering & Belonging: A National Conference. The event was hosted by the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society at UC Berkeley, an organization that Praxia Partners is proud to work with. Attendees and speakers asked: How can we talk about and give birth to a society in which everyone is equal? Watch some highlights below!  Continue reading

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4 shared solar updates

Shared solar is growing in popularity in the US and abroad. Here’s some of the latest news from across the nation.

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Understanding America’s “glass floor”

Is America a meritocracy? A new study from Brookings suggests that class mobility doesn’t always have much to do with skills, intelligence, or talent. Continue reading

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