Affiniti Partners

  • Affiniti Partners and Praxia PartnersFunds social enterprise by investing in the greater good
  • Spurs a virtuous cycle of community uplift and economic growth
  • Doesn’t sacrifice people or the planet for profits

Affiniti Partners is a mission-driven angel investor that supports Praxia Partners’ initiatives. Outcomes include investment in marginalized communities, public-private partnerships, and community investment initiatives.

Social Impact Investing

Through Affiniti Partners, Praxia Partners connects our passions to our portfolio. We are committed to the tenets of social impact investing and value not just a financial return, but also social and environmental benefits.

Affiniti Partners catalyzes social impact investments by public and private sector leaders to achieve shared community goals across a range of social challenges. As a financial tool that engages civic, philanthropic, and business leadership, it provides funding in an effective, flexible, and proactive manner.


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