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Joe Recchie and Community Building PartnersCommunity Building Partners supports neighborhood transformation and sustainable growth. We provide development advisory services, remediate brownfields, and create master plans that unite the collaborative process, environmental stewardship, community investment, and exceptional design.

A Commitment to Building Better Homes

Community Building Partners is teaming up with Direction Home to roll out a new, self-sustaining model for building and operating independent living for senior citizens. This model puts a local non-profit institution, such as an area agency on aging, in the driver’s seat as the developer, with CBP as their guide. This allows the non-profit to both serve their community better while also opening up new possibilities for unrestricted program revenue.

We address some of the more common questions here, but feel free to contact us for a consultation.

  • Why independent living?

    Senior citizens have many options for living situations, but we focus on a cost-effective solution one that maximizes the independence of people still able to live on their own.

  • Tax credits, and how to use them

    Do something good for your community, like build affordable housing for your older residents, and the government will reward you with a credit you can use to reduce your tax bill. But what if you’re a non-profit organization that doesn’t pay taxes? Get yourself a for-profit partner, and you can both benefit.

  • How non-profits can do well by doing good

    Just because your organization is a non-profit doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to earn your own money to fund your priorities. Developing affordable housing—either by yourself or with a development adviser—gives you the chance to serve the needs of your community directly, while also earning unrestricted revenue for your other priorities.

  • Every little bit counts

    Layering subsidies, grants, and state and federal funds to bring down the cost of operating affordable housing can be a tedious and complex process. But it’s well worth it, even if you have to hire outside help, since every subsidy you can apply both brings the cost of rent down and expands your potential customer base.

Read about Community Building Partners’ role in developing service-enriched, affordable senior housing in Columbus and across Ohio.

A Commitment to Thoughtful Planning & Design

  • Community Building Partners and collaborative planningCollaborative planning is smart planning, because shared insight benefits everyone
  • We support opportunity housing by overcoming exclusionary zoning to enhance quality of life in marginalized communities
  • Community Building Partners projects have received the Multifamily Pillar of Industry Award from the National Association of Homebuilders

Community Building Partners believes that smart growth is sustainbleA Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

  • Remediating urban brownfield sites supports healthy communities
  • We developed net-zero energy housing using research from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Participation in the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Neighborhood Development Pilot Program helped develop guidelines for sustainable development, and resulted in CBP earning LEED ® platinum certification, the highest possible score
  • Earning unrestricted certification for residential mixed-use redevelopment from the Environmental Protection Agency enables sustainable growth
  • Salvaging materials reduces waste

Before and after brownfield remediationThe Importance of Brownfield Renewal

Brownfield renewal is an integral step toward urban revitalization. When unused, unusable space is cleaned up, the stage is set for further investment and development. In the case of Jeffrey Place, this included hauling off 31 acres of concrete, which was salvaged for use in construction.

The Importance of Collaborative Planning

The Jeffrey Place charrette process exemplifies collaborative planning by honoring input from industry experts and community members. Over two months, our team engaged:

Jeffrey Place walden loft

Community Building Partners emphasizes the collaborative process when developing land use plans

  • 12 registered architects from three firms
  • over 350 community residents and
  • 3,500 write-in participants.

This wealth of insight resulted in 48 competing plans that were then distilled into one Master Plan, reflecting community values, needs, and capacity alongside zoning ordinances and engineering. The result was a land use plan supporting:

  • a high quality of life with employment and education opportunities
  • a self-governed oversight committee to protect rights of public housing residents
  • the first urban New Community Authority in the Midwest

Community Building Partners is proud to have teamed with: Dayspring Christian Community Development Corporation at Rhema Christian Center, Homeport by Columbus Housing Partnership, Licking County Aging Program, Heath-Newark-Licking County Port Authority, Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Lutheran Social Services, National Renewable Energy Labratory, Oak Ridge National Labratory

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