Solar Mamas for this Mother’s Day

We are bringing you this special Sunday post in honor of all of the Mother’s who work tirelessly to keep their families healthy, safe and happy. We at Praxia Partners would like to thank all the mom’s for everything you do. And we hope you all have a happy and relaxed Mother’s Day today!

We suggest you spend this Mother’s Day watching the PBS documentary Solar Mamas with your mom. The film follows Rafea, a woman from rural Jordan, as she leaves her village for the first time to attend Barefoot College in India. Barefoot College trains women from around the world to become solar engineers in their villages and in the process empowers these women to make their communities self-reliant and sustainable.

Watch Rafea’s inspirational journey as she faces down her patriarchal culture, her unenthused husband and even her own fears to get an education, to set a good example for her children, and to help make her family and neighbor’s lives a little brighter.

Mother’s work hard. So to all of them, from Rafea, to your mom to ours- we say, Thank You!!

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Laura Recchie is the Director of Strategy and Project Development for Praxia Partners
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  1. Holly says:

    Looks like an awesome documentary!

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