“Stewards of the earth:” Ackerman on environmentalism

Acclaimed author Diane Ackerman recently expressed optimism about the future of the planet. It’s a sentiment that we at Praxia Partners share.

On the Diane Rehm Show, Ackerman talked about about why she is hopeful for the future of our planet. The wide-ranging discussion touched on climate change, the promise of renewable energy, and how people can evolve to be less reliant on fossil fuels.

You can listen to the entire conversation for free online.

Praxia Partners’ initiative, Community Renewable Energy, supports the rise of the shared solar movement and Power Africa are heartening examples of how we can be responsible stewards of our planet.

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Holly Jensen is a writer and poet who has worked with nonprofits and businesses for over a decade. She also serves as editor of The Ghazal Page, an international literary journal.
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