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Sowdo’s story

This post originally appeared on this blog on June 27, 2014 One week ago, people across the globe observed World Refugee Day. Praxia Partners calls Columbus home– and so do thousands of Somali refugee and immigrants. Meet Sowdo…

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David & Goliath: How the Unity Center proved nonprofit developers can compete

It may seem like a case of David vs. Goliath– a brand new, church-based, nonprofit developer going head to head with established private development corporations. Yet, today, the Unity Center stands as testament to the power of nonprofit, community-minded development. … Continue reading

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Revitalizing a community, one house at a time

The Sustainable Community Investment Fund raises home values in the wake of the foreclosure crisis. I spoke to Joe Recchie about what the Fund is working on in Eastmoor, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio

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Keeping the American dream within reach

The wealth gap is becoming a wealth chasm. How do homeownership opportunities contribute to economic equity? Plus, we share updates on banks’ settlements. 

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An innovative model for home ownership: Welcome to Framingham Village

African American home ownership is good for America. They key, however, is fair lending and high-quality housing

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What is service-enriched housing?

Praxia Partners’ Joe Recchie pioneered service-enriched, affordable housing throughout Ohio. 

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Inside Medicaid expansion

This week, Ohio announced it will accept federal funds to expand Medicaid. What does expansion mean for America?

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