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Celebrating solar power this Earth Day

This Earth Day provides the opportunity to join events around the country, celebrate the progress environmental advocates have made, and consider the challenges that face us. The Earth Day Network is emphasizing climate change this year and asking all of … Continue reading

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Los Angeles (finally) embraces solar with Feed In Tariff

Despite California’s great reputation for supporting the development of renewable energy, Los Angeles has long stood as the anomaly in a green powered state. Less than 0.5% of LA’s power mix comes from solar and Los Angeles has far less … Continue reading

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Net metering- the entrepreneur’s dream

Here at Praxia Partners, we are big proponents of net-metering policies. For those new to the idea of net metering- the policy allows homes that generate their own renewable energy to loop into the local energy grid, and deduct energy … Continue reading

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Solar-powered schools shine

Originally published in Developing Green Communities. According to Jim Carlton’s article in the Wall Street Journal The Enlightened Classroom, more than 500 k-12 schools in 43 states have installed solar panels, thus far. For these schools, renewable energy is serving … Continue reading

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