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Light the night: community-owned solar street lamps in Detroit

When Highland Park’s street lights were repossessed, community members took action. Find out how a grassroots group plans to use solar power to make their streets safer.

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Innovative Finance Series: Inside Ohio’s “Pay for Success” plan to help children and families

Praxia Partners believes that innovative finance can boost social services and ease inequity. This week, we discuss how “Pay for Success” can help some of Ohio’s most vulnerable families

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Urban communities getting hooked on aquaponics

Morgan Kauphusman created an excellent video about Sweet Water Foundation, which you can find through Medill Reports. It features an interview with Jesse Blom, who walks us through the principles of aquaponics.

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2 Sweet Water leaders honored in Chicago & Milwaukee

This winter has already brought plenty of excitement to Sweet Water Foundation, as two co-founders were recently honored for visionary contributions to their communities. Emmanuel Pratt received the Green Award from Chicago magazine, and Jim Godsil was named a finalist … Continue reading

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Triumphs of service-enrichment programs

You know that Praxia Partners and Accord Management is proud of their partnership with Columbus State Community College’s ESL Afterschool Communities’ popular after school program in the Providence Glen community. But did you know ESL Afterschool Communities also runs other … Continue reading

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A year of growth at Sweet Water Foundation

Sweet Water Foundation, the first partner in our Bridge Program, is wrapping up a year of growth and evolution and looking forward to fresh successes in 2013. We congratulate every volunteer, donor, staff member, educator, student, and visitor who supports Sweet Water! The achievements … Continue reading

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