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People + the planet: Cleveland’s push for environmental justice

We love to learn about how urban centers become healthier, more environmentally responsible, and more energy independent. In the heart of the Rust Belt, Cleveland, shows us how a city can meet climate challenges while supporting equity and inclusion. 

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Mandates matter: Spotlight on Ohio’s energy standards

So much depends on Ohio’s embattled energy standards. So, why have valuable renewable and energy efficiency mandates been frozen until at least 2016? Inside the fight for a greener Ohio.

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Kenyon College and CRE partner on solar Farm installation

Recently, Ohio’s Kenyon College and Praxia Partner’s Community Renewable Energy launched an exciting pilot project for installing solar power at the Kenyon Farm. Students from the college are working on the project, future students will benefit from the hands-on learning experience … Continue reading

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6 takeaways from the Census’ report on poverty

The latest report from the US Census Bureau investigates trends in poverty across the US.

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Revitalizing a community, one house at a time

The Sustainable Community Investment Fund raises home values in the wake of the foreclosure crisis. I spoke to Joe Recchie about what the Fund is working on in Eastmoor, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio

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Inside Praxia Partners

Learn more about Praxia Partners’ work

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This week in community development: 2/21/14

Every week, Praxia Partners shares important community-building news. Check out what we we’ve been reading this week.

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Innovative Finance Series: Inside Ohio’s “Pay for Success” plan to help children and families

Praxia Partners believes that innovative finance can boost social services and ease inequity. This week, we discuss how “Pay for Success” can help some of Ohio’s most vulnerable families

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An innovative model for home ownership: Welcome to Framingham Village

African American home ownership is good for America. They key, however, is fair lending and high-quality housing

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Vets defend Ohio’s clean energy standard

Ohio’s clean energy standard is under attack– and veterans are fighting back.

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