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This week in community development: 3/28/14

Every week, Praxia Partners shares important community-building news. Check out what we’ve been reading this week.

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This Thanksgiving, cuts to food assistance hit families hard

As we prepare for Thanksgiving, food banks are bracing for unprecedented demand due to cuts in food assistance for the most vulnerable in society.

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Inside Medicaid expansion

This week, Ohio announced it will accept federal funds to expand Medicaid. What does expansion mean for America?

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My neighbor’s keeper

Why are some neighborhoods able to withstand crisis, and why do some implode under the pressure? Robert J. Sampson, a Harvard sociologist, delves into the question, using the deadly heat wave of 1995 in Chicago as a case study. He compares … Continue reading

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Small business backs green energy

Originally published in Developing Green Communities. Small Business Majority released the results of an opinion poll last week that showed that small business owners are overwhelmingly in support of government investments in renewable energy and clean energy policies. The poll … Continue reading

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2 Paths to green energy: Tradition meets innovation

Originally published on Developing Green Communities. Ron Pernick, the co-founder and principal of Clean Edge, a research and advisory firm for the clean energy sector, wrote a piece for Renewable Energy World, titled Crowdsourcing, Limited Partnerships and Other Tools for … Continue reading

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