The Midwest goes green: 7 solar updates

Can solar power thrive in the Midwest? Absolutely! Today, we take a look at renewable energy news from across the Midwest. 

  1. A report by the Michigan Public Service Commission shows that the state’s energy efficiency standards have saved taxpayers billions.
  2. Meanwhile, Ohio’s Energy Mandates Study Committee’s recent report sides with the fossil fuel industry and backs a continued freeze on energy standards.
  3. One year after Indiana repealed its energy standards, many in the state contend that utilities are walking back renewable efforts and overcharging consumers.
  4.  Michigan welcomes a 17-acre shared solar power installation at Grand Valley State University. The shared solar site is supported by community members who receive solar energy credits. (Learn more about Praxia Partners’ and Community Renewable Energy’s university partnerships.)
  5. Bloomfield, Iowa is aiming for 100% energy independence! The city also plans to reduce energy use by almost 1/4. Solar power is key, but weatherization and updated technology will also help the community reach its goals. The local school district is also looking into ways to incorporate renewable power to enhance hands-on educational opportunities and reduce costs.
  6. The Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area will add 4.7 megawatts  of solar power that will save taxpayers $25 million over the next four years.
  7. Energy co-ops are gaining momentum in Wisconsin! Learn more about community solar.

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