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News stories about community, economic and solar development abound this week; new programs are being designed and implemented to bring solar to low-income families here in the United States and abroad, Ohio EPA is facing some major criticism from within, Al Jazeera America makes waves with its serious coverage of climate change,  schools and universities embrace renewable energy as a way of teaching the maths and sciences, and the students of Providence Glen publish a video love letter to thank their community of supporters who stood by them this summer to make sure their summer reading program survived.


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In the News

  • Counties reap shale sales, but job growth still lags (The Columbus Dispatch)
  • Why jobs go unfilled even in times of high unemployment (The Atlantic)
  • Working class millennials have extra challenges in touch economy (Minnesota Public Radio)
  • Low income families to receive solar power through new program (Multi-housing News)
  • New program delivers solar power to low-income families in Denver, Colorado (Alt Energy Magazine)
  • Namibia: Destitute communities receive solar power (All Africa)
  • Warren asks DOJ to explain ‘timid’ FHA settlement (The Hill)
  • George Elmaraghy, Environmental Regulator (Ohio), says he was pushed out for opposing coal industry (Huffington Post)
  • Renewable energy evolving from DOI “landscape-level” approach (Fierce Energy)
  • Installing solar for families in need inspires Sierra College faculty to develop real-world math applications (Digital Journal)
  • School collects, analyzes wind energy data (The Tribune- Democrat)
  • Microgrid solar announces community education and outreach programs (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
  • Community Solar: Model for the future (Rutland Herald)

Research, Analysis and Other Fun Stuff

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