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Unless you’ve been actively avoiding the world- you probably have heard/noticed/been directly impacted by the US Government shutdown. Although our weekly round-up continues to include stories about community development that hit the news this week, and research and analysis regarding communities building sustainably, let’s start with a breakdown of the shutdown.

A Breakdown of the Shutdown

  • The path to dysfunction (New York Times)
  • Shutdown coverage fails Americans (Aljazeera America)
  • What’s the Fight About? Republicans struggle to explain (MSNBC)
  • Denny Hastert Disses the ‘Hastert Rule’: “it never really existed” (the Daily Beast)
  • Why the shutdown is leading to debt default; or what happens when you take hostages without a plan (New York Magazine)
  • Republicans split on whether to give backpay to workers furloughed in Government shutdown (Huffington Post)
  • 7 shutdown winners, from the Newseum to Dollywood (The Daily Beast)
  • What the US government shutdown means to renewable energy (Renewable Energy World)

Keep reading to hear some non-shutdown related news… a welcome break this week perhaps?

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