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The Huffington Post is rallying the troops to support Chicago’s Southeast side this week, while analysts are still trying to sort out the ramifications of this month’s government shut down. And while new studies are showing Ohio is lagging behind the rest of the Midwest in renewable energy- the news coming out of the rest of the Midwest is quite exciting: solar everywhere! MB900422294

Keep reading after the jump for these news stories and more. See what we’ve been reading about this week here at Praxia Partners.

In the News

  • No evidence that Obamacare will make poor Americans less likely to work (The Atlantic)
  • Shutdown means “lost ground” for disabled veterans benefits (MSNBC)
  • Shutdown will hinder true gauge of U.S. economy (New York Times)
  • The gap between schooling and education (New York Times)
  • Petcoke Piles: We should all stand up for Chicago’s Southeast side (Huffington Post)
  • Solar Farm at Indianapolis International Airport is soaking up sun (Indianapolis Start)
  • Shedd Aquarium installs solar panels as plan to cut energy bills (ABC)
  • Solar panels sustain indoor crops (Renewable Energy World)
  • Toledo plant’s in overdrive for transmission (Toledo Blade)
  • Ohio trails in Midwest renewable energy (Business First)
  • The solar revolution is being fought by the middle class (Quartz)

Research, Analysis and Other Fun Stuff

  • Redefining the Next Policy Debate (New York Times)
  • The greatest risk to the U.S. economy is still the people in charge of it (The Atlantic)
  • The Ohio Senate should give flawed energy rewrite a proper burial (

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