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MB900422294Wages, jobs and Justin Timberlake: that’s what was on our mind this week. Keep reading after the jump to see how all of these are more related than you might think!


In the News

  • Invisible Child- a heartbreaking and all too common story about homelessness in the United Sates  (New York Times)
  • Don’t ignore America’s youth unemployment crisis – shortsightedness today will hurt everyone tomorrow (The Great Debate)
  • More than three-quarter of workers missing from the labor force are under age 55 – not to be a buzzkill- but how to actually read unemployment numbers (Economic Policy Institute)
  • Justin Timberlake’s Union Tour- JT’s dancers bring more than sexy back: labor rights for Creatives (The Nation)
  • The Promise of Social Investment in Africa- Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, aid and investment don’t have to be mutually exclusive  (Stanford Social Innovation Review)
  • Sustainability Spotlights: City of Battle Creek pushes for Sustainability  (Battle Creek Enquirer)
  • Innovation Spotlight: Simple solar invention transforms ocean water into drinking water (Global Research Report)

Opinion, Analysis and Other Fun Stuff

  • AIG execs got bailout bonuses, but pensioners get cuts- a defense of public servants in Chicago and Detroit (The Guardian)
  • Think Global, Act Hyper-Local: Campus Network Rates Colleges on Economic and Social Impact in their communities – town and gown relationships are valuable to both the institutions as well as the local communities. how’s your alma mater doing?  (Next New Deal)
  • The most important economic stories of 2013- in 44 graphs – brilliant illustrations of something we like to keep tight tabs on- the economic news (The Atlantic)
  • Local government is the secret weapon in the fight against economic inequality- are local solutions fixing global problems?  (Next New Deal)
  • Central Appalachia’s Emerging Transition: ‘Integrated Energy is Key’ – We think smart economies adapt as technologies improve- will Appalachia transition their economy from coal based to renewable based? If so, we’ll support it  (Renewable Energy World)
  • Why inequality matters- Paul Krugman could have gotten a little more into this question, but this sentence alone makes his op-ed worth a read:

    “Inequality probably played an important role in creating our economic mess, and has played a crucial role in our failure to clean it up.    – (New York Times


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Laura Recchie is the Director of Strategy and Project Development for Praxia Partners
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