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This week we’ve been reading a lot about crowdfunding successes, energy policy implications, and how housing discrimination still occurs under the radar. It’s been an interesting week! Read all about these and more after the jump!

For more renewable energy specific news, don’t forget to check out what they’ve been reading this week over at Community Renewable Energy as well!

In the News

Research, Analysis and Other Fun Stuff

  • Collaborative Disruption in the Nonprofit World (Stanford Social Innovation Review)
  • Housing discrimination still exists, in deceptively subtle forms (The Atlantic Cities) which admittedly led us to read a few other (older) articles by the same author that we really enjoyed!
  • The real estate deal that could change the future of everything (The Atlantic Cities)
  •  Why don’t real estate developers just ask us what we want? (The Atlantic Cities)  We couldn’t agree with this one more. We always seek out input from the communities we work in. Every project is better when the community is involved in the creation.

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Laura Recchie is the Director of Strategy and Project Development for Praxia Partners
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