This Week in Community Development

A Nevada Tribe looks to solar investment for economic development, the Wall Street Journal and the Nation take a look at how teachers are compensated, and we continue to sort out what Detroit’s bankruptcy means for the U.S., this week through an analysis from the New York Times. We also read an excerpt from an interesting new book on suburban poverty, and learned that the White House is getting ready to be the Green (energy) House!

Read more about these, and other news items and analyses about community and economic development from this week- after the jump!

In the News

  • The curse of student loan debt: Owe while you’re young, live when you’re old (The Guardian)
  • State renewable energy laws turn out to be really hard to repeal (Washington Post)
  • White House solar panels finally being installed (Washington Post)
  • Nevada Tribe venture to build 1.5 Gigawatts of Renewable Power (Renewable Energy World)
  • Opening the roof for affordable solar (Renewable Energy World)
  • Confronting Suburban Poverty (Stanford Social Innovation Review)
  • Wall Street decimates Black America (Salon)


Research, Analysis and Other Fun Stuff

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