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Anyone interested in economic development is following Detroit closely, and we are no exception. A city full of character and hard working midwesterners- it easily represents any of our sister cities in the heartland. We will continue sharing news and analyses as the weeks progress, lessons are learned, and someday- hindsight gives us the benefit of 20/20 vision about what should/did/and could have happened!

In other news over the past two weeks, solar is being embraced everywhere from rural Ohio, to Milwaukee museums, progress is being made in energy storage technology, and while Congress haggles over the new leader of the Federal Reserve, the EPA gained their new leader- and environmentalists seem pleased.

Keep reading after the jump for these stories and more. It’s been a busy couple of weeks!

In the News

Research, Analysis and Other Fun Stuff

  • Millennials are hopeless, and it’s all our fault (Salon)
  • GOP wants to slash food stamps: here’s exactly how many of their constituents would suffer (The Atlantic)
  • New insights into the real value of distributed solar (Greentech Media)
  • In an economic democracy, Stiglitz, Reich would be contenders for fed (The Nation)
  • Detroit, a Love Song (New York Times)
  • Economists envision Detroit turn-around as catalyst for others (Detroit Free Press)


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