This Week in Community Development- and International Day of the Girl

The news this week isn’t all that uplifting: our elected officials are still in the midst of perhaps the largest hissy fit in history, Ohio policy makers are engaged in an ugly battle over energy standards that could affect the livelihoods of many Ohioans, and the looming debt ceiling brings threats of even more political squabbling.

But while we cringe at all the lack of teamwork and compromise, we should remember the inspiring and growing international coalition of advocates and practitioners working together towards solutions for the 250 million marginalized girls in the world. So you can keep reading about all the gloomy economic and political news of this past week, after the jump, but first, let’s focus on the International Day of the Girl!

A coalition of 500 girls and 25 organizations presented the United Nations with the Girl Declaration this week, calling for investment in the 250 million girls across the world fighting their way out of poverty and inequality. You can show your support by adding your voice to this coalition here. Read more about the girl child at Girl Effect or read this piece on the importance of International Day of the Child by Susian Liang, the founder of Asulia Foods.

Break Down due to Shutdown

  • Government shutdown hits Native Americans Hard (Think Progress)
  • Shutdown prompts rare government mix: Imagination and laughter (ProPublica)
  • The ‘non-essential’ parts of government that shut down are actually quite essential (The Washington Post)
  • If Congress only reopens the government piece by piece, it could take until next spring (Washington Post)
  • How the government shutdown impacts public education (Center for Public Education)
  • A border patrol agent who has to work without pay wants you to stop saying the shutdown is no big deal (Business Insider)
  • Impact of shutdown coming soon to a service, neighbor, loved one near you  (American Prospect)


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