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A lot of interesting items crossed our path this week. Washington is making waves on several fronts that will affect community development across the nation, and the Midwest is making moves to pilot innovative projects in renewable energy.  Meanwhile, pundits, analysts and experts weigh in on recent events, policies, and more. Check out the “other” section below especially to hear a riveting podcast about new models to address extreme poverty, and best practices in cross sector collaboration. Keep reading after the jump for all of this and more!

And don’t forget to check out the Community Renewable Energy site to see what our friends at CRE are reading this week!

In the News

  • Detroit goes bankrupt, largest municipal filing in US history (Washington Post)
  • Hunger Games- USA (New York Times)
  • The Consumer Watchdog’s work will last- for now (MSNBC)
  • Wisconsin city testing legal waters on solar power (Midwest Energy News)
  • First community solar projects are being launched in Minnesota (Star Tribune)


Research, Analysis and Other Fun Stuff

  • Charles Koch on the poor: Let them eat “economic freedom” (The Nation)
  • New Models to end extreme poverty: podcast with Jake Harriman, Founder and CEO of Nuru International  (Stanford Center for Social Innovation)  warning: this is heart wrenching
  • Creating a common language for cross-sector collaboration (SSIR)
  • New Class of Businesses Look to Boost support for Pro Worker Policies  (Think Progress)
  • New Models to end extreme poverty (SSIR)
  • The Student Victims of Washington’s Deficit (The New Yorker)
  • Beyond rooftops: creative solar installations (NRG Solar) we have no affiliation with this private firm- but we think the blog entry was interesting!
  • Copper Matrix: A push for cheaper solar cells (Renewable Energy World)

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Laura Recchie is the Director of Strategy and Project Development for Praxia Partners
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