Vets defend Ohio’s clean energy standard

Ohio’s clean energy standard is under attack– and veterans are fighting back.

Think Progress recently reported on how Ohio veterans are defending the state’s clean energy standard.

But in Ohio, a group of 2,000 veterans, military family members and supporters is pushing back against Seitz’s effort and other bills aimed at weakening Ohio’s renewable energy standard. Zach Roberts, a National Guard veteran and the Ohio director of Operation Free, a national campaign that gathers veterans and national security experts to advocate for clean energy policies, told Climate Progress that S.B. 58 would, “radically change the state’s clean energy standard,” and it ultimately “weakens Ohio’s energy security.”

Ohio’s energy standard, which passed both the House and Senate by a wide margin and was signed into law by Gov. Ted Strickland in 2008, requires utilities to provide 25 percent of their electricity supply from alternative energy resources by 2025. At least 12.5 percent of the electricity must be generated from renewable energy sources, including wind, hydro, biomass and at least 0.5 percent from solar energy. The standard also forces utilities to decrease customers’ energy use by 22 percent by 2025 through energy-efficiency practices.

You can track Ohio’s clean energy news on Community Renewable Energy’s weekly Friday news round up.

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