Why independent living?

Studies have shown that the best living arrangement for the physical and mental health of an older person is to live on their own in their own space, if possible. This arrangement is called independent living. The person in question might need occasional help with some tasks from a home health aide or other kinds of assistance, but these services are offered separately from their rent and can be arranged for anyone living at home, whether that means a single-family house or an apartment complex for people over 62.

By contrast, in assisted living, residents have home health services and meals included in their monthly rent. Nursing care is more intensive yet, providing a higher level of specialized care to people who can no longer do most tasks for themselves. Besides being more expensive than independent living, assisted living and nursing care are not as appropriate for people who can still do most of their daily tasks by themselves.

Community Building Partners has many years of experience developing independent living homes for the elderly. Our model builds homes for the elderly as independent living; their rent pays only for their housing. By layering additional services on as needed, area agencies on aging can help their clients to stay living independently as long as possible, leading to better health for the people they serve.

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