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David & Goliath: How the Unity Center proved nonprofit developers can compete

It may seem like a case of David vs. Goliath– a brand new, church-based, nonprofit developer going head to head with established private development corporations. Yet, today, the Unity Center stands as testament to the power of nonprofit, community-minded development. … Continue reading

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Mandates matter: Spotlight on Ohio’s energy standards

So much depends on Ohio’s embattled energy standards. So, why have valuable renewable and energy efficiency mandates been frozen until at least 2016? Inside the fight for a greener Ohio.

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How UC Berkeley and the city of Richmond can be partners in progress

Today, the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society released Structuring Development for Greater Community Benefit: An Analysis of an Opportunity Model for Developing the Berkeley Global Campus at Richmond Bay. As the University of California, Berkeley contemplates large-scale master planning and development of the … Continue reading

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The Midwest goes green: 7 solar updates

Can solar power thrive in the Midwest? Absolutely! Today, we take a look at renewable energy news from across the Midwest. 

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