COVID Testing Popup Site at Stratford East

As COVID infections increase in Ohio, we are all working hard to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. That includes reducing our exposure, wearing masks to reduce our risk, and keeping at least 6 ft. apart. But it also means getting tested and staying informed so we can make good decisions about our activities. Not everyone with COVID-19 will show symptoms and that’s what makes this virus so tricky and what makes testing so vital!  .

This week our friends at PrimaryOne Health hosted another popup testing site with us at our Stratford East senior apartment community. One of the barriers to testing is as simple as transportation, and so we brought COVID testing onsite to give our seniors and their families easy access to COVID testing to help them keep informed, and stay healthy!

We are all grateful for our partners, like PrimaryOne, who continue to show up for the community! And we are grateful for the dedicated Accord Management team who continue to go above and beyond to bring community partners and services to our residents to make sure our community is safe and healthy during this pandemic!





About Laura Recchie

Laura Recchie is Chief Operating Officer. She is also the founder of Root + Branch, Inc.