Equitable Development

Praxia Partners empowers equitable and inclusive development 

Richmond, California is the proposed home of UC Berkeley’s Global Campus, which has the power to dramatically improve – or degrade – the lives of the working class community of color. In order to advocate for the equitable development of the campus, we worked with UC Berkeley’s Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society. to craft the report “Anchor Richmond” and to create the Richmond Community-owned Development Entity. Community-owned Development Entities (CDEs) are mission-driven development organizations that can compete with both private corporations and public-private partnerships. 

Praxia Partners’ Community Building Partners lends its business expertise to the Richmond CDE, which:

  • Has a community benefits mission
  • Is nonprofit
  • Reinvests profits back into the community
  • Incorporates public participation
  • Has a majority of community members on its board
  • Was shaped by insights from sixteen community organizations
  • Reflects the unique vision and values of Richmond

Praxia Partners’ founder, Joe Recchie, serves as a founding board member.

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