Dynamic Social Empowerment

Dynamic Social Empowerment in Detroit, Michigan

Today, Detroiters are trapped in a water crisis that threatens their basic human right of access to water. That’s why we spearheaded a groundbreaking plan: Water Equity Detroit. 

Praxia Partners’ Community Building Partners funded, researched, and produced the report, which recognizes that social empowerment and broad public participation are key to quelling the water crisis. Our recommendations were informed by the deep knowledge of a broad range of community leaders and groups, alongside our partners, MOSES and UC Berkeley’s Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society. The report and our recommendations:

  • Empower Detroit to capitalize on its valuable infrastructural assets
  • Hold those in power to account for years of mismanagement and exploitation
  • Embrace green infrastructure as a way to spark development while reversing health disparities and environmental degradation 
  • Offer an equitable path forward for Detroit – and a blueprint for other communities facing infrastructural challenges

We continue to provide advocacy and training support for Water Equity Detroit.

Praxia Partners