At CRE, we know that there are plenty of questions around going solar for your organization. When is the right time to go solar? Is my roof right for solar? What happens at the end of your solar system’s useful life? Why should I go with CRE as a developer for solar?

That’s why we’ve created two resources to assist in answering common questions around solar to help educate your team. The first one, a Solar 101 FAQ, goes into the details of common industry terms, installation specifics, and can help answer questions that your leadership and facilities team may have. Our second one is Community Renewable Energy FAQ’s. This is specific to all of the ways we work with non-profits and your unique needs.

We understand that there are a variety of questions, both anticipated and unanticipated, that come with making a decision like installing solar for your organization. Have further questions after reviewing? Let us know. It’s our job to make you feel comfortable with your decision to go solar.

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