Solar for All – from DC to Illinois

Our Community Renewable Energy team has been working with potential solar hosts in Illinois to help them access the benefits of low cost clean energy. We are bringing our extensive experience with a similar community focused Solar for All program in DC, to serve Illinois residents and nonprofits through the state’s version of Solar for All.

We introduced our Illinois friends to our DC project with a short video detailing the highlights and impact of this DC based solar project- specifically focusing on how pairing up our model with local programs allows us to maximize community impact! Our 571 kw system is delivering $2.5 million in savings to our hosts, and another $1.6 million in profits reinvested into D.C. neighborhoods. Specifically, these profits are:

  • Subsidizing the utility bills of income-eligible residents.
  • Supporting a utility assistance shut-off fund for D.C. residents facing disconnection.
  • Assisting D.C. non-profits to advance their mission through a cash donation.

Check out our video below, and if you’re interested in maximizing the benefits of solar in your community, schedule a time to speak with us about your ideas here, or by e-mailing Conor at!


About Laura Recchie

Laura Recchie is Chief Operating Officer. She is also the founder of Root + Branch, Inc.