A global pandemic has taken the world by storm. The U.S. government has issued a $2 trillion stimulus bill, also called the CARES Act,  to respond to the pandemic. Of that, $377 billion is set to aid small businesses and non profits that need help leveling out their revenue to meet payroll during this tumultuous time.

In normal times, CBP builds local capacity and shares knowledge and expertise that supports local nonprofit growth. And in times of global pandemic, that includes sharing as much financial expertise, business experience and policy information as possible to make sure every nonprofit and mission driven organization in Central Ohio has access to the information they need.

In order to help the stimulus money find its way to our community, we have taken two approaches:

  • Partnered with local community bank, Commodore Bank, to help them streamline their application and review process, including expanding their capacity so they can take on more than just their current clients.

  • Providing pro bono guidance to organizations during the application process.

If your organization could use some help navigating the process, we are here to help. Email us at paycheckprotection@praxia-partners.com or call us at 202.495.1657

These are hard times for nonprofits and mission driven small businesses, but the Praxia Partners team is digging in to the policies and providing support to help our community survive.

Praxia Partners