Our Accord Management team has been working diligently since the onset of the COVID pandemic to keep our staff and residents safe. Recognizing that our seniors are especially vulnerable to this contagious virus, we’ve increased cleaning protocols, restricted common spaces and encouraged our residents to work together to stay apart. But even the most careful among us can still catch this highly contagious disease!

And so when we had reports of our first COVID positive case in our community, we knew it was extra important to help our residents access the medical care and testing that they needed to stay informed and healthy!

Columbus Public Health has been working with providers, to host testing sites for the Columbus community. These sites are free, convenient and safe drive through operations. But many of our seniors don’t drive, and other access issues prevented our residents from using the city provided services. But our Accord family felt it was very important to make testing accessible for our community, and after asking everyone they could think of they were fortunate enough to reach PrimaryOne Health’s leadership.

Without delay the PrimaryOne Health team jumped into action. They organized their first “mobile” testing site, and set up shop in the front yard of Corban Commons. They spent the day testing any of the residents who wanted it for free! Almost half of our community was able to get tested that day, taking one more step towards reducing risk and exposure for themselves and their neighbors!


Our whole community is grateful for the support PrimaryOne Health showed us and the entire neighborhood as we all navigate this global pandemic!

In Ohio, we really are all in this together!




Praxia Partners