Solar For Affordable Housing

At Community Renewable Energy, we develop solar projects that meet or beat your fossil fuel-based energy costs, providing operational cost savings that can be passed along to residents, or used to fund supportive services, while transitioning your property to renewable energy. 

One of the challenges with maintaining affordability in any housing development is reigning in long-term utility costs. The volatility in fossil-fuel based electricity prices, coupled with the increasing cost of fossil fuels, continues to put an added burden on affordable housing residents and developers. With our decades of experience managing and developing affordable housing, we understand the challenges that affordable housing residents face in accessing low-cost, renewable energy.

We are an approved vendor in the Illinois Solar For All program, and are actively looking to partner with affordable housing partners. Visit our project page here to learn more.

Read more about one of our innovative affordable housing and solar projects here: Buckeye Fields, located just outside of Marietta, OH.

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