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Innovative Finance Series: Pay for Success to serve our most vulnerable families

Last month, we discussed Cuyahoga County’s proposal to use Pay for Success to help homeless Ohio families remain intact. This month, we spoke to some of those involved for an in-depth profile of the plan.

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Innovative Finance Series: Inside Ohio’s “Pay for Success” plan to help children and families

Praxia Partners believes that innovative finance can boost social services and ease inequity. This week, we discuss how “Pay for Success” can help some of Ohio’s most vulnerable families

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This Week in Community Development

  Wages, jobs and Justin Timberlake: that’s what was on our mind this week. Keep reading after the jump to see how all of these are more related than you might think!   In the News Invisible Child- a heartbreaking … Continue reading

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Portraits of homelessness

What is the state of affordable housing and┬áhomelessness in America? And who are we talking about when we talk about “the homeless?”

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