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Building healthy senior communities

America’s Health Rankings are out, and special attention is paid to senior health and wellness. How can we help our older community members remain healthy and vital? Praxia Partners’ initiative, Community Building Partners, has worked for decades to build communities … Continue reading

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Inside Praxia Partners

Learn more about Praxia Partners’ work

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The Older Americans Act and service enrichment for seniors

The Older Americans Act is one of the most successful pieces of legislation in American history– and it’s long overdue for reauthorization. Find out how it serves older adults and facilitates Praxia Partners’ service-enriched senior housing.

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What is service-enriched housing?

Praxia Partners’ Joe Recchie pioneered service-enriched, affordable housing throughout Ohio. 

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Supportive services for seniors: What makes a good life?

Often, seniors with modest incomes have to choose between three insufficient options: struggle with assisted living bills, navigate supportive services on their own, or rely on a loved one for caregiving. Joe Recchie, of Praxia Partners, began noticing the need … Continue reading

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